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Welcome to Just Ask the Axis, a searchable database of Jimi Hendrix gigs, interviews and jams that are known to have taken place, along with details of known set lists and audio recordings.

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Welcome to Just Ask the Axis. Ever wondered how many live recordings of "Little Wing" there are? How many times the Experience played in New York? What day of the week did they play at the Olympia, Paris in October 1966? Well, now you can find out - just ask the Axis contains events (gigs, interviews, jams etc) which are known to have taken place, along with details of known audio recordings.

It's easy to use - specify your search criteria on the form above then click the ask the Axis button.

If you specify a song name, only events having a setlist will be searched. This doesn't mean the song wasn't performed at any other events, just that the information isn't held so can't be searched.

Part words/phrases are OK. For example, entering "junction" in the Song box would be sufficient to find all occurrences of "Villanova Junction Blues". In fact, this is the recommended way for entering song titles as different people have different ways of typing the same song name - more details below. Entering "mont" in the Town box will match Monterey and Montreal. Watch out for punctuation and commonly shortened words. For example the Olympia in Paris is stored as L'Olympia, so a search for "the olympia" would fail. Just searching for "olympia" will succeed. Another example is the word "Saint" which could be stored in full or shortened to "St." To search for "Saint Paul" you're better off just entering "Paul".

Usually, you're better off entering just a part of a song title or venue, as some of these can be written in different ways - Driving South, Drivin' South, Drivin South.

The State box works differently depending on where the event took place. For Europe, specify the county, (eg Yorkshire); for USA/Canada, specify the state (eg California). All the states are stored in full, not with the two character code, so Texas is "Texas", not "TX".

The majority of events in the database are concerts performed by a particular line-up. There are a couple of other categories which merit a bit of explanation. The Line-up type "Interviews" finds interviews which are not related to a particular gig. Some gig setlists, however, also contain interviews which are associated with that gig. These can be found by specifying "interview" as a song title. The Line-up type "Jam Session" finds jams which are not part of a gig. Again, some gigs contain jammed versions of songs - these can be found by entering "jam" as a song title.

If you notice any errors or omissions, please email me with corrections or missing info and I'll update the database. Feel free to email me any comments or suggestions. Please note, however, that I do not possess many of the recordings referred to in the database, I've just loaded it up with details compiled from several highly regarded sources of info.

Site concept and design by Paul Wilkinson, May 1998.

Thanks go to Jon Price who provided the initial set-list & recording details, Saville & Maple Leaf reviews, and interview transcripts.

Thanks also to Chris Dixon for providing copies of his "30th Anniversary Series" reviews, and Mark Jepson for transcribing the words in "..And now for our next song".

Key to quality ratings

E+ EXCELLENT + Master quality


VG+ VERY GOOD + Vinyl. Very slight noise or distortion.

VG VERY GOOD Generally very good but not professional quality.

G+ GOOD + All instruments audible but with some distortion.

G GOOD All instruments audible but with excessive tape hiss, compressed sound or distortion.

R REASONABLE Usually an audience recording with good instrument balance but sound quality below average.

F FAIR Audience recording, poor balance with at least one instrument, bad distortion.

P POOR Only the main instrument clearly audible. Very distorted with bad hall ambience.

A ABYSMAL Virtually inaudible.


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