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...And now for our next song

Mark Jepson presents "..And now for our next song."

~~All mispellings, contractions, punctuations, omissions, are all on purpose. I have to go over n over it to get it right in the first place, so everything is subsequently triple double checked.~~


[mc=Ladies and gentlemen, The Jimi Hendrix Experience."]

[aud mbr yells=Fire!"]

"I see that we meet again, hmmmmm. Yeah well ah well, hmmm. Dig! Dig we'd like to get somethin straight. We ah, we got tired of the Experience and every once in awhile we was blowin our minds too much, so we decided to change the whole thing around and ah, call it, Gypsy, Sun, and Rainbows for short it's nothin but a Band of Gypsies. We have Billy Cox playin bass, and ah, from Nashville Tennessee. We have Larry Lee playin guitar over there, ?_yellin Lee. And we got Juma playin congas over here, Juma. And then we have, heart ah, Granny Goose, I mean, excuse me, I'm sorry, Mitch Mitchell on drums, ?_mumbled 4 words_?."

[to stage-off mic]"On the ?_sound, on the ?_sound"

"And then we got Jerry Valez on congas too. Got your truly on pink whistle. What me worry?" [twang]

[aud mbr=Jimi, are you high?"]
[aud mbr=C'mon Jimi, c'mon Jimi...!"}

[twang twang twang]"Ok give us about a minute and a half to tune up ok? Like we only had about two rehearsals, so ah, so let's, do nothin but primary rhythm things but, I mean it's a first ray of the new rising sun anyways, so we might as well start from the Earth, which is rhythm, right? Can you dig that? When you get your old lady, when you get your woman, that makes the melody, right? [twang twang] I have mine thank you, heh. I have mine, thank you very much. [twang for one minute...] 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4."

["Well I'm travelling a speed, unknown to man.. So I carry me a message, and a mirror in a hand.. Say a message of love, made for your day.. I got the mirrors of your mind baby, face the truth today.. Well I am what I am, thank God.. Hey some people just don't understand, help them God.. I said find yourself first, and then your tool..Find yourself first, don't-cha be no fool.. Here comes a woman comin, I see ya layin on your back.. F_?_ _?_ pressure baby, I said your on the right track.. _?_ _?_ free, you ain't supposed to please.. And don't rely on no man, and try to understand.. I said ah find yourself first, and ah then your talent.. Work hard in your mind, for it to come alive.. And then prove to the man, you're as strong as Him.. In the eyes of God, you're both children to Him. doo,doo,doo,doo,doo. dooadooadoodoodoo. yeahyeahyeehehyeaaehah, yeahahyeah. ahahaa-ahahahahahh. [etc etc 8*)] everybody, come alive.. everybody, come alive.. everybody, love a life.. everybody, come alive.. everybody, fly togethah.. all will have ah, you, I said ah.. everybodah, come alive.. come alive.. come alive.. come alive.. come alive.. come alive.. come alive.. come alive.. come alive.. come alive.. everybody.. everybody.. everybody.. everybody.. every-bodyeh.. everybody come alive."]

[guitar laughs]

"Yeah thank you very much. Ah well that was a thing called Message To.. Message To Universe, some-in' get the rats out of your ah, bones and those nap-sacks you'all carrying around and ah like to go ahead on and do a slow thing a jam we was messin around back at the house. I think were gonna call it, Get My Heart Back Together Again."

[to band mate]"Don't come in until I nod to ya alright?"

["Have you heard about my baby..Have you heard about my baby..Have you heard about my baby makin love to all the world... Yeah I'm gonna leave this town.. Lord I got to leave this town.. Gonna be a voodoo child. And try to be a magic boy. Come back and buy this town.. Come back and buy this town.. And put it all in my shoe. Yeah yeah yeah.. And if you make love to me one more time baby.. Heah, might even give a piece to you, piece to you. yeahah -I hear my train a comin [x4]."]

"Thank you very much, yeah. [twang twang] Are these microphones all screwed up again, as usual? Yeah? I know we're dreamin. It's so embarrassing man, I'm sittin up here, damn, ohh, those people lookin at me too man, damn. Half a million eyes. Tell somebody to turn up the microphones while we get in tune alright? I can't get it together. [guitar laughs] I want to have something to drink man. I'm so thirsty. You got anything to drink? [twang twang] ok ok 1, 2 da da, da da, da da, extra loud _?_ _?_. We're very sorry for the delays but like ah, got to get things together between time because like ah, we've only jammed a couple of times. But like I say before, like this is the first ray, you know, so there's a whole lot more to go, ok? 1, 2, 3.."


"Gimmie an A, A."

["Hey I think I go back over yondaar.. Way back over yonder across the hill.. Hey Hey I think I go back over yondaar baby.. Wayeyheyyeahyeah over yonder across the hill.. Hey my baby don't love me no more, Lord I know good and well that ah, her sister will."]



"We're sorry for the tune-up between time, but ah, well hell cowboys are the only ones who stay in tune anyway, you knows. [twang twang] We don't wanna play too loud for ya. [twang twang] So therefore we just play very quiet n very out of tune. [twang twang] A lot a girl friends that we like try to sing about sometimes, we're gonna sing about this one over there in the A man section over there, the one with the yellow underpants on, yeah yeah you, I remember you last night the other day, hehheehhehe. I seen a dirty old man lick your bicycle seat when he was goin down the street there. oohh nasty nasty."


"Yeah I know were tunin up between every single song, and this is not together and that's not together. We all ain't in uniform. [twang] So nobodies _?_ _?_, you know. _j?_ that you take us for. [twang] I dunno, I dunno why? heh [twang] Ya'all waited all morning? Gawlee, I really feel.. I really, I really hope that ah maybe by tomorrow morning we can get something together? Gimmie gimmie an A, gimmie an A, I'll pay ya back." [twang twang]

[to band=]"Ok, da-da-dada-da-dada-da-dada, da-da-dada..."

"Yeah well ah, like I said before we only ran over a few numbers, so we'd like to try to do this one Was Jammin At The House. Ah we don't have a name for it yet, well it, it's just like a instrumental we'll just float along with it. Goes somethin like this here."[twang twang]


[aud mbr=How about Wild Thing!"]

"Before we go any further we'd like to say man you all really had a lot of patience, three days worth you proved, to the world, what can happen, with a little bit of love and understandin and sEoouunnnDDDZZZZ!! YEowwww[like a Cat][feedback!]... Oh I left my girlfriend at home, I'm sorry, go ask her. Anyway, we'd like to say, man, we really appreciate you all havin patience with us, and this really really is nerve racking man, that's why waited to the sun-up. And maybe the new day might give us a chance, yeyeahaaahh-no blah blah woof woof. Sky Church is still here as you can see. I'd like to do a song dedicated to maybe a soldier in the Army, singin about his old lady that he dreams about and have that machine gun instead. Or could be a cat, maybe, tryin to fall in love with that girl, maybe, but, little bit too scared, that's were the problems come from sometimes isn't it? I mean that cat really insecure a little bit so they call girls groupies and they call girls this. And they call passive people hippies blah blah woof woof, on down the line. That's because their fuckin not in love man! That's what's happening. That's the other half of a man is a woman and ah we'd like to play a thing called Izabella, and don't you ever forget it."

[loud feedback to which Jimi responds off-mic]"Whoa hard head hehehe. [twang] Hard head. Where's Billy Graham?, he'll get ya straight!" [Jimi [mumbles] mimicking for a few words...".Let me say this.'][twang twang tap tap twang]


"We never sat this far apart from each other, except when our Mothers cut us in half when we was Siemease twins _?_.. [twang twang] I'd like to do this next song. Let's see, what next song do we know? Do you know another?"

[aud mbr=Fire!"]

"Huh? Can we do Fire? Can we do Fire? There's no answer, let's do somethin else then. Wanna do that one?" [can't make out what he's saying here for a few sentences]...

[aud mbr yells=Happy birthday too!"]
[another mbr yells=Voodoo Child!"]
[another mbr yells=Manic Depression!"]
[another mbr yells=Purple Haze!"]
[another mbr yells=All Along The Watchtower!"]

"Ok, ah ah, I think we know about two more songs ok, what happened? Oh. Ok I think we got about two more songs that we know. Were gonna see if we can squeeze them out really.. [my tape might be edited here?]..We'd like to do a slow song, very very slow and quiet, you know, somethin to play with the mud with. Here you go, you wanna do that one? You wanna do that one that ah, Impression yeah. Huh? Yeah,[twang] get up closer to the stage 'else the microphone starts to feedback. [twang twang twang] Alright? Hit it, hit it.. with the bass."


"1 2 1234


"Thank you very much. And ah we'd like ta ah say thank you very much again for all your patience for waiting all these three years. To come here and stand in the, a little bit a rain. I'd like to do ah, a thing that, the new American anthem until we get another one together, it's called Voodoo Chile Slight Return."


[during music]"Before we leave I'd like to say the name of the group one more time. This is the first little gig, we'd like to say thank you man for giving us your ears your ears and your hearts. And the name of the group is Sun And Rainbows. And you can call it, hehehe, Band Of Gypsies, anything you want. Let me call it again. The cat with the purple pants on playin Congas over there, that's Juma. And then we have Larry Lee, with the head-sock around his face. And we got, we got Billy Cox playin bass over there ah. An Mitch Mitchell. We have ah, Jerry Valez."

[more VOODOO]/

[during music]"I'd like to say thank you very much and goodnight. I'd like to say peace, yeah and happiness, happiness, yeah happiness."

["I'm a man, at least I'm tryin to be.. But I'm lookin for the other part of me.. And I cryIhiahh.. CryIahhigghh.. You're a woman, at least you say you are.. Then I see you naked with my guitaar.. I cry ah hah ahh ah ahr ah ahr ahr etc. etc.. do do do, do do do do do do, do do do do do do do do doo, do do dooo dooo dooo doo doo doo doo do do, do do doo do, dodo dodo do do do.. do do dodoo. etc. etc."]

[during music]"Thank you again, you can leave if you want to, we're just jammin that's all. Ok? You can leave or you can clap, clap!"




"Thank you" [7 seconds later the guitar hits the deck!]

[aud chants=More More More..."]

cut to encore..

[sounds like most aud members want Wild Thing & AATWT]

"Yeah man, I told him we were gonna try to think of somethin to play for a second. Hold on a second. Wait a minute heh."[twang twang] Yeah well we didn't practice none of our old songs, you know? we was just messin around with some other things. Cause ya get kinda tired, you know? Don't you get kinda tired? You know how you get kinda tired yeah? [TWANG!] Ok now don't laugh at us, were gonna try this one song called Valleys Of Neptune, uh ohoh I forgot the words to that, I forgot the words to that man, I can't do that one [twang twang], too confusing. [twang twang] Ok. [twang twang]"

["...I heard you shot your lady down.. All the way down.. And he said I did man.. Yes I did, I shot her.. You know I caught her messin around town.. Yes I did, I shot my woman, You know I caught her messin around, messin around town, I gave her the gun. I shot her. ...Goodbye Everybody!"]

[interview with Jimi shortly after he came offstage..]
"The non-violence, the very very very good brand of music. I don't mean good I mean the very true brand of music. Your acceptance of the long awaited crowd. How they've had to sleep in the mud and rain, and get hassled by this and hassled by that, and still come thru, saying that it was a successful festival. That's one of the, that's one of the good things. Ther're so many scores you can add up on this thing. If you added them all up, you know, you feel like a king. They're tired of joinin street gangs. They're tired of joinin militant groups. They're tired of hearin the President gab his gums away. They're tired of this, tired of that, they want to find a different direction, they know they're on the right track, but where in the hell is it coming from?"

This arrangement © Mark Jepson, Thursday, January 26, 2017